Who's Your Daddy? Part 1


Part 1
You guys would never believe me if I told you I don't actually  go searching online for young guys. I mean, I love younger guys..but I think my whole episode, or love affair with Ross had soured me on actually having relationships with young, young guys..say under 25. So, I had made quite the attempt at trying to find an older guy to hang with. Maybe late 20's, early 30's. I can't help my attractions. I am attracted to young guys (I guess most of us can say that) but, usually these days, I'm not the pursuer of them.

I actually hate the "Daddy" moniker..I don't consider myself anyone's "Daddy"  other than my children.  But, I suppose there are those younger guys out there who are attracted to older guys.

I told you I was on Grindr, and have had very little success at it. I saw a young guy on there that lives close to me. I sent him a compliment, just saying "nice" to his pic. He was 20 years old, 5'11",  165 pounds, with a 31 waist with a smooth swimmer's build. He had brown hair, and his pic showed his long, lean, smooth body with a tattoo peaking out from below his jeans on his hip.  While he totally looked Asian, he is listed as Latino.

He asks me for my face pic and I send one. It's not a great pic, because I obviously can't show my full face online. So, that was it...no answer...and I just left it at that.

Then about an hour later I get an email on Adam. The guy has no pics, which usually gets a no response, but he writes that it looks like he "fits the profile of what I'm looking for" so I respond. He ends up emailing me 5 or 6 "G" rated pics, in underwear, wife-beaters, etc. and each one is hotter than the one before. But, it's also obvious that it's the same guy that I had previously IMed on Grindr. I email him pics back and he mentions it in his next email. I send him a full face pic which I just had cropped and downloaded.   He now is convinced I'm the real deal and likes what he sees.

He lives with his parents very close by. We chat some more and he tells me that he can host usually during days between 4 and 7pm. I look at my watch and it's 4:30pm and I have a 6:30pm appointment. I mention that we could meet today if we're quick, or we can do it another day.

"You want to come now?" he asks.
"Yea, but, we'd have to be quick, I have a 6:30 appointment."
"OK, well that's enough time for a blow job, isn't it?" he says
"Sure, and if we're quick even more" I add.
"OK, I'm going to jump in the shower, come now." he says

Tomorrow..more (and it's hot!)

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