Who's Your Daddy? Part 2


Part 2
So, I'm headed over to this guys house and I call him, as we had planned when I got there and "Kevin" comes down to open the door. He's wearing basketball shorts and a white-wife beater.  Now, there's nothing hotter than a hot guy in a white wife-beater as far as I'm concerned and this guy wasn't hot...he was freaking steaming, burning hot!

I follow him upstairs to his messy room and he apologizes. We turn to each other in front of his bed and are making some small talk. I  brush my hand over his shoulder at some point and he grabs my other hand - to hold it. I then lean in and make my move...and he responds with a hot, tongue-flittering kiss.

He takes off his wife-beater and  pulls my shirt out of my pants and unbuttons it, pulls my shirt and my wife-beater off too. I switch positions to sit on the bed as I place my hands on his incredibly smooth chest and make my way down his torso to his flat stomach and tug at his shorts. As I sit, I pull his shorts down and reveal some cute underwear, which I pull down and begin gently sucking his hardened cock. He must have been pretty excited because I can already taste his cum in my mouth.

Kevin pushes me back on the bed, takes off my pants and begins sucking my cock. Eventually, I pull him up on top of me, face to face, as we make out some more..some great, hot kissing. Intermittently, I stop..ask him about him..what he's doing (in college), what he's studying,  and why he doesn't have a million boyfriends. We continue kissing and when I'm jerking him off, he stops saying he's going to cum too soon (that's nice for a change!).

He then focuses the attention on me and sucks me some more. I again pull him up and get into position to jerk off while holding him close, arm around his waist, grabbing his ass and our legs are weaved together. Kevin asks if I'm planning on fucking him.

"Well, I was hoping to save that." I say.
"Save it? he chuckles. "Save it for what?"
"Save it for next time...I'm hoping there will be a next time." I say.
"Well, who says there isn't?" he says. "Don't you want to fuck me?"
"Oh yea" I say..

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