Early Bird, Part 2


(Continued from 9/6)

"Where are you from?" I asked.
"Peru" he responded with a very distinct accent.
"Nice" I said. "You're cute" 
"Thanks, you too" he said.

As others began to encroach on our private space, I turned and walked out of the room, pulling him by his towel to follow, which he did. We stood in the hallway for a short time when he leaned in and gave me a nice, soft kiss and our tongues met for the first time.

I ask if he wants to come to my room and he says yes.  We make the way down and I open the door and close it behind us.

"So what's your name?" I ask.
"JC" he says.
"Great, nice to meet you JC." I say and I shake his hand and tell him my name.

We take off our towels and lay down on the bed. We continue to make out and explore each others bodies. He's a great kisser..and he continues down my chest to my hard cock and takes it in his mouth. We continue making out and then he rolls over on his stomach and shows me his firm smooth ass. I grab a condom and place it on his ass and he whispers "be gentle".
I grab him around his chest and place my lips near his ear as I slowly increase the pressure on his asshole with my cock. Soon, it pops in and he lets out a little grunt. I ask him if he's OK and he says yes and begins rocking his ass into my cock. Soon we're fucking with passion and then he turns on his side and I'm fucking him on his side. He turns some more, and I re-enter his ass with us now face-to-face and his legs up around my shoulders. We kiss and I'm getting real close.  I pull out and blow my hot load over his chest.  JC grabs me and holds me close as I shutter from the orgasm.

I tell him I was about to leave when I saw him ...to which he says..

"I'm glad you didn't."

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