Early Bird Special Part 1


So, I did make that trip down to Florida recently to visit my Mom. We spent some real quality time together, me helping her around her apartment, doing some errands with her. We had some good meals out and were able to talk about normal mother-son things.

I also had planned to hit a club in South Florida called The Club.  They have similar clubs around the country like Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and St. Louis. I had been there a number of years ago, and I remember it being pretty nice and full of hot guys. I eagerly anticipated my visit this trip.

I left my Mom's about 4pm..and made the almost 1 hour drive down to Ft. Lauderdale. I parked in the lot and entered the club. When I stopped at the front desk to pay I stood there as some "queen" was talking to someone else working behind the counter who was out of my sight. He continued to talk to him, about how some guy who was "totally into him" who wouldn't stop pursuing him even though he had a boyfriend. He continued to talk, even though I stood there..with my money in hand waiting. He then tossed me a card to fill out, took my money and asked for my ID. As I again stood waiting for him to take my ID, he continued to rudely have a discussion without taking care of what he is primarily there for..his job registering people to come into the Club.  Annoying...

Anyway, I went in and it was as I remembered. I found my room and passed by a few of the guys clad in their towels. I entered my room, which came with a bed with sheets, a pillow and I undressed. I wrapped the towel around me and made my way out. I walked around for about 15 minutes, then hit the hot tub outside. It was very quiet there...and I began to feel disappointed.

After a while, I returned to my room, and got dressed in my workout shorts and sneakers and headed to he gym. I did a quick warm up on the treadmill then lifted some weights for about 30 minutes.  One other guy was also working out, in his underwear..with it carefully pulled down half-way around his ass so anyone could see his nice butt.  Although his butt was pretty nice, he was probably in his late 40's...and I continued my workout.

Another guy came and started working out. He was a handsome Asian guy..and had a nice looking body.  Besides the sexual aspect of working out half naked (or shirtless - as I was) it's kinda cool, because you can really concentrate on your muscles and how they look when pumping iron.

I passed by the front desk to find out why this place was so empty and was told the crowd usually shows up after 9, and it gets really busy after midnight.  Oh well..guess I was too early for the fun..

I finished my workout and returned to my room to again, get undressed. I then hit the steam room which is a near zero-visibility maze of walls. On more than one occasion, I bumped into someone I couldn't see because of the steam. I passed through there, not seeing anything worth staying for and again, headed outside to the pool area. I decided to relax on a floaty in the pool. Again, a nice experience of relaxing as water flows all over your naked body. Although, I would have preferred to be able to sport some kind of "woody" for the passer-byers who were watching...but...maybe it was the pressure of knowing people were watching me lay in the pool that prevented me from getting hard.

I stayed in the water for about 30 minutes..and left after the cloudy day made me chilly laying in the water.  I made my rounds again, seeing the usual playful actions of others, but not really having any desire to take part with the players I saw.

I went again to the steam room, where now, a guy was getting fucked in the ass by some other guy as three or four others watched. It was hot (both literally and figuratively) but, I was consumed with the thought that this guy probably was getting fucked bareback and I left. Funny, I was so horny, so down to fuck before I got to this place, but, seeing a guy get fucked bareback turned me off..as I wasn't willing to risk unsafe sex just to get off.

I then headed to the sauna where a Latin guy was sitting alone. At this point, I had thought maybe I just better get off and leave and I started playing with myself and got myself hard as this guy walked over to me. He started to bend down in order to suck me and I held his shoulder to stop him. He stood up and just watched as I jerked off and blew my load on his leg. He took his finger and scooped up some of my just blown cum and tasted it.

I left and headed to the showers and washed off. I went to my room and relaxed a little then again headed to the sauna where another older guy I had seen before was watching me and then, came over to me. He reached down and grabbed my flaccid cock and played with me until I was again hard. He too bent over to try and suck me but I resisted. Apparently agitated at that move, he simply said "really?" and walked out. No loss.

As I headed back to my room anticipating leaving, I crossed paths with someone I hadn't see before. He was young, maybe 26, nice tanned skin, and lean and toned. Cute face..and he looked Latin. I headed to the video room where others were lurking about and in walks this Latin guy too. As we both stood watching the video, I turned to him and he smiled and he smiled back.

Tomorrow: Early Bird, Part 2


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