Miss Me?


Happy Labor Day everyone!

Speaking of Labor...I needed those two weeks off. I'm sorry for those that had to re-read some of my old posts, or who checked in on the blog and said "not a repeat again!" but, at some point during the year, it helps to get away from blogging.

Blogging is tough..especially since I post every day. Having enough stories and entries is hard...making those entries interesting enough to read is even harder. The past few years I have celebrated my blog anniversary by re-posting some older, popular posts. When your reading repeats, I'm also usually typing away, storing up some juicy tid-bits for you to read in the coming weeks. Was I productive this vaca? Nah...

You see, work has been incredibly busy the past two weeks. I've been running around and putting in extra hours...more than I have in a very long time. But, it's good..I'm not complaining, just explaining what I've been doing.  I also spent a little time away, visiting the Southern part of our country. That story is coming shortly.

There were also a few tense and harrowing moments over the past two weeks..earthquakes..hurricanes..Jesus, what's next? Locusts? Flying Monkeys?

Anyway, I am back..and you'll be reading more about my life..and experiences..both good and bad. And, I'll be kissed, hugged, cajoled and bashed by some of you.

Back to business as usual.

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