Love Knows No Boudaries


My younger son and I were watching TV together one night. We were watching some show and Selena Gomez was a guest. Now, I remember her from her Disney channel show when she was younger and pre-pubescent, apparently, much younger. She has blossomed and my son and I were stunned by her amazing beauty! She was wearing a short, very short, tight white dress which showed that she was no longer an innocent child.  My son said she was hot and I agreed.

As the interview progressed, she mentioned her relationship to Justin Bieber - apparently the lucky pop-star sensation has lucked out even more by getting this hot little woman. My son said, "ugh, she just went down a notch in my eyes because of her dating Justin - but..not that much!" (because she was so hot - apparently even that could be overlooked) and we had a chuckle.

The conversation took a turn when I acted shocked that his eyes were glued to the TV oogling this girl.

"Dad  would you rather I oogle Justin?" he asked.
"Well, it wouldn't matter to me" I told him.
"Yea, but you're happier that I like girls, right?" he asked.
"Honestly, it wouldn't matter who you loved..whether it was a girl or a boy, as long as you were happy and that person was good to you" I told him.
"Your happiness matters more to me than whether that person is a boy or a girl."I said.

But, damn..he was right. She was hot!


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