Change of Heart


Well, I guess my "relationship" with Kevin is over. It's been a few weeks, and despite a few text and a telephone messages I left, I haven't heard anything from him.

It's very he dropped off the planet. He's no longer on Grindr, no longer on Adam, he's deleted both profiles. He's disappeared!

I know we didn't have a future, in a real relationship sense, but, I was hoping the sex would continue.  So for all you guys that were accusing me of trying to get this guy and are making more of it than what it was, or what I was hoping it would be..great sex, with a hot, nice guy, on a regular basis...suck off!

Because he kinda dropped off the face of the earth, I'm a little concerned that he's OK...that he didn't get hurt or something, on the other hand, I'm hoping he's stuck under something very, very heavy and can't reach his phone to call for help ;)

Anyway, despite my cartwheels the other day, I'm back to the usual checking online, Craigslist, etc. for hookups since I'm not getting my fill from Kevin (or more precisely him getting filled by me anymore).

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