Gym Buddies


I decided kinda last minute to hit the spa for a few hours. I did my work, and my body was taking a beating from the gym, playing some sports..I'm not as young as I used to be (or even think I am). But first some background...

Every morning I'm at the gym, and when you get into that kinda routine, you meet the same people every day.  I don't think I know anyone's name, but you say your "good mornings" to everyone. The guy that usually sits at the desk when I walk in is a youngish - maybe 25, 26 year old, Italian, white dude. Caesar hair cut, lean, always thought he was kinda cute. One day, one of the trainers is playing with this calibrator, it measures your body fat - it pinches your skin to tell you what your BMI is or something like that.

Well, I'm doing crunches or something, and she comes up to this guy at the desk, and asks if she can try this calibrator out on him. He takes off his shirt and - KABLOOOIE! this guy's body is kicking! He's totally lean, totally smooth, got an 8 pack going with amazing obliques (that part of the abs located on each side of your hip). This guy was absolutely hot!

Anyway, I see him everyday, and I never got the feeling that he was into guys and he never paid me no "never mind" except the usual "good morning" or "have a great day" that everybody gives and receives. OK, back to my day at the spa....

I'm just about done in the locker room and head to the showers, and I see this guy that looks familiar..that Caesar haircut..but, while everyone's buck-naked, this guy's got a towel wrapped about his waist, and is wearing a T-shirt. I figure, from afar, this guy looks like that guy from the gym. I sit in a jacuzzi, and "Caesar" hits the sauna. Then, he emerges, goes to the locker room and comes sits in the jacuzzi next to me. Now I'm sure this guy is Caesar..the smooth body, the abs, the's him!

I stay seated..I'm frozen. He gets up, moves over to the jacuzzi I am in and takes a seat about 10 feet away. He doesn't make eye contact, so I still don't think he sees me. Again, I relax and he gets up, moves to the jets and the seat next to me - again - no eye contact. So, I give a little splash of the water, which sprays on him and he looks at me like "AY O!" like he's gonna punch someone out, and he smiles and we shake hands.

"Hey, thought that was you" I say.
"Small world" he says.
"What are you doing here?" I ask.
"Mom's birthday, so she's getting a massage. This place is awesome!"
"Yea I know, I've been here before. It's great..." I agree.

Then we chat a little more and he shakes my hand again and says he's gonna go relax in the steam room. He gets up and I get a great look at his small, cute butt..had a little hair on the bottom...very nice. I saw that he had a nice size cock..didn't get close enough to see if he was cut or uncut.

Was totally weird seeing him out of context of the gym setting.  But, I get the feeling that he is, in fact, totally straight. Not that I can't fantasize....


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