Back and Forth


A guy chats me on Grindr. He's 25 years old, tall - even taller than me. Seems nice as we're chatting. He's very handsome too. He sends me some body pics...first one he's pretty hairy...second, smooth. I tell him I love the smooth look, and he says he has no problem satisfying my desires. I tell him I buzz my body, but he likes hairy, so I told him I'll let it grow.

Anyway, we chat for a while, and seems like we're a good match. We end up meeting somewhere neutral, in a parking lot and we chat in our respective cars..window to window. Nice conversation..real nice guy and he's really super cute.

I mention that he's cute and he says "Thanks been told that before" with a chuckle. I laugh too, and tell him "how modest!" but, in actuality what bothered me more was that he didn't say anything back..not like "You're cute too" or anything.

So, while he did chat me the next day..and said he wants to see me naked..maybe that's telling. I mean, if someone gives you a compliment, it should be  natural that they give one back. Unless they're not feeling it.

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