Ethnic Bias


From a reader:

Good morning, author of Bi Like Me. I hope you are well today.
My name is Rob. I'm an older (45-50 y.o.) masculine bisexual male, living in Michigan. I've been a reader/follower of your blog for several months.

First, thank you for creating and posting, and maintaining such a great blog on the Web! Second, today, I gave BLM a rating (on both the rating links you provided) of 5/5 stars. Of course, I did so because I really like your blog! So much so, that I made it one of my homepages! The site is clean and clear in appearance, easy to navigate; embedded links open to a new page so that I never have to leave the blog's home page.  Your articles are written well, mature, and make sense. Also, I appreciate not being hit with pictures of outright, bold nudity, sex acts, or little gif's pics depicting as much whenever I visit. When I want that sort of thing (and often times I do!) I know where to go to get it, bust a nut, and go on with the rest of my day. When I simply want to read what other people have on their minds, (and take in a little eye candy at the same time), I go to what I call "reader blogs" like yours. In those moments, I'm not necessarily horny; I simply want to chill, maybe cup my balls as I look at the eye candy, and read the things others are thinking about on issues I find also interesting (or perhaps have not yet thought about). Although I hate ads just like the next guy, I am in the media business. Therefore, I understand that ads are often necessary on a blog as they are the "bread & butter) of any blog or website. I appreciate that you have the ads in places on your page so that the reader knows they are there but don't interfere or cause readers to lose focus on the blog material itself. Kool!
I made a short positive comment about BLM on the PLU rating site. My limit was 200 characters. What I wish I could have added was one little criticism. While I support you doing the blog in your own way and, while I have no problem with seeing all white men ('cuz I like them too and think they're hot!) I would like to ask that you consider featuring men (or more men) of other ethnic groups. Perhaps you have done this or are currently doing this (and I overlooked it). I have yet to check out the blog archives. Just the same, I have not seen nor do I see any Black/African-American, Latino, or Asian men on BLM. I'm sure that I am not the only Black man that visits BLM. Again, as stated earlier, I enjoy visiting. Still, there are so many good gay blogs that I like but many of them rarely show pictures of other ethnic groups. I could never understand this. I want to see more men that look like me on clean, well-made sites/blogs like yours, as I'm sure men in other ethnic groups want to see men that look like them. 

Anyway, whether or not you choose to feature pics of other ethnic men will not be the "make or break" factor for whether or not I continue to visit BLM. You do what you feel works for you and keep it (the blog) looking and "reading" good, and I'll continue to follow. I just wanted you to know my comments/opinion as a faithful reader. I will continue to visit Bi Like Me for as long as you, the author, keeps it.

Thanks for listening!!

~ Rob


There's definitely no ethnic bias here...I appreciate men of all sizes and colors.  It's just that blogs out there, for the most part, feature mostly white, smooth, young men. Since that's where most of my pics come from, it's what seems to be featured.  There are a few blogs that I have in my blog roll that are more ethnic, and a few Asian blogs too..and I will do my best to mix it up a little!

Thanks for writing!


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