Ya Gotta Love it


I know I'll generalize with this statement, but it seems that every woman hates giving blow jobs.

Anyone I've ever spoken to, usually married guys, complain that their wives don't or stopped giving them blow jobs. When they're trying to reel you in, their all about slobbing the knob..but once they get that ring, the proverbial "BJ Store" is closed.  Now I'm sure there are those girls (and I could probably guess who of my girl readers are part of this group) that enjoy giving their man this pleasure, but, I think it's a lost art.

But, if you ask any gay or bi guy if they like giving head, the answer is absolutely YES! Why the disparity? Well, I guess girls are worried about the geyser rush of cum that spurts out getting in their mouth.  I, for one, don't require that someone swallow my load, or that I even cum in their mouth. That's just a bonus. So, just suck it ladies! Your guys want it..need it..

Guys don't care. They're all about pleasing each other. Suck it? Sure..blow in my mouth? No problem...Do guys give better blow jobs than girls? Sure..but again, it's all because they do it with wreck-less abandon..not caring about the end result. Girls are so worried..sucking scared..always thinking they're one lick away from a mouthful.

Guys who suck other guys do it out of the love..the love of another man, the look of cock, the love of pleasing another guy. But, that's us: we eat out our girl's pussy with the same effort and passion, don't we? Hey, I never "loved" eating pussy, but did it because it pleased (or was supposed to please) my mate. I suck dick with the same idea -  it's about pleasuring - being selfless...

Guys do it because they love it.
Girls are just in it for the money.

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