Break Break


I don't know what the problem was, but I hadn't heard from Kevin in a few weeks. After his "MIA" message to me, and my kinda pissed off response, he was really MIA.

But, good sex is better than bad, and defintiely better than no sex at all. I figured I'll try and make amends. I see him on Grindr and send him a message.

"Hey..Go away for break?" I ask.
"Yea, for a few days went upstate to visit my sister. Nothing big."  he responds.
"Nice, better than staying in town." I say.
"Yea, was good. Looking forward to a trip in June though. That will be my real vacation"

Then we spoke about that trip for a little..

"Well, just wanted to touch base...say hi." I said.
"How have you been?" he asks.
"OK. Busy at work the last few weeks."

I definitely wouldn't be opposed to hanging with Kevin again. He's probably the top one or two I've had sex with. Hot body, nice guy, totally clean.. just a hot, hot bottom. But, I have the tendency of getting attached and maybe that's what drove him away.  Maybe when I was there last, I was there too long (he invited me  to stay after all). I would love to have a regular hot guy for sex, and he fits the bill...but, maybe I need to keep him at a distance. I'm not one to play the "hard to get" type. I want something, I go for it..I'm into someone, I let them know. I think someone's hot, I say it.

Maybe this will be the beginning of us getting back to some very hot sex.

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