Beachin It


I'm not frigid..and I'm not scared to bear it all. I have been on a nude beach on occasion too.

I remember once when I went away with my wife. We went to the Caribbean. The resort we went to was one of the worlds 10 best (according to the travel channel) and it was no disappointment.  The beach was on the resort's own island and had many of the water sports and amenities that other resorts had, with less traffic.  But there were other families, mostly adults on that beach and was not a nude beach.

But, there was a sign..this post as you got off the ferry that took you to the beach. Kinda "Survivor-ish" with "X"es and dotted lines as guides. It brought you over a mountain, to hike and to see the natural beauty of the island.

One of the stops on this hike was a nude beach. Knowing my wife wasn't at all interested in the nudity much less the exercise of a long hike, I made off on my own. Now this was no little actually did go up quite a steep and rocky mountain, and through the vegetation and trees to a number of beautiful overlooks.

One stop, of course was the beach. It was small by beach standards but definitely sufficient and beautiful.  It was a little alcove..with a few beach lounge chairs (those strap lounges that I found out, aren't the most comfortable when your nude).

One time I was there I was alone.  The next day, it was me and a girl..and I believe a man soon joined us.  There was no interaction. We weren't even close enough to chat..much less examine our many parts and parcels. It was desolate part of the world..that only I, and a few others the nude.

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