Forgive, Forget and Fuck?


So, after a few weeks of not hearing from him, from him not responding to my call, or text messages, Kevin finally shows a text.

"Sorry I've been MIA. If you want to chill again I'm def down"
I respond: "MIA? What's was that all about?"
"Just got weird-ed out cause I'm not used to hooking up like that."
"Serious? That's odd." I say.

I's a guy..we met on Grindr..we chatted, and yea, we hooked up, not once but twice. We had sex..we made out..things were going great.  Where does he go MIA to?

Should I forgive and forget? I mean, shit, his body is amazing..the sex was fucking hot..
Hard not to forgive..
maybe I'll try and let him squirm a little..
then we'll get back to fucking.

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