I live in a suburb..kinda family type family homes etc.  It definitely doesn't make for finding the best bedfellows if you know what I mean.

I mean, if everyone around me is married..for the most part, it's very, very hard to find a gay or bi guy who wants to have some kind of regular relationship. Sure, Grindr, A4A, Craigs..they all have plenty of guys on them, and some from my areas.  I haven't lacked for sex for sure..but, I know..if I had lived in say..the city, yes THAT city..the Big Apple..that the opportunities would be plentiful.

If you walk in certain neighborhoods in the city, you can just feel the gayness! Guys look at you..the gaydar is up! You see men holding hands on the street, you can go to a nice restaurant and see two men, obviously in a relationship eating together.  In the suburbs? That would be blasphemy!

Anyway, I'm not moving anytime soon. But, if I had my druthers...I'd be not only in the Big Apple..I'd be eating at it's core.

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