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I guess it's just a matter of philosophy. I know I'm pessimistic. I'm a glass half empty type of guy. My wife? She's very optimistic..and a glass half full type.

We got to talking. She's been having..let's say, "issues." She doesn't know why, and she's been to the doctor. Of course, the doctor prescribes what every housewife is taking..some anti-depressant. I wasn't happy about it.

Why does she need it? She feels down sometimes, feels like she's on edge. It has nothing to do with me. Some days she feels she has little tolerance for the kids, she's anxious, nervous, upset, depressed. We discussed how she is feeling..I was there for her..told her she's fine..that everyone feels that way. That she's a great mother and everyone loves her. But, ultimately, my reaction? Welcome to my world.

Yea, I told her that's life. Everything she's going through and feeling sometimes, well, that's how I feel sometimes too. That's life isn't it? Does anyone walk around with a smile on their face always?  Life isn't unfortunate things that get in the way of a normally happy time. To me, it's quite the opposite: it's a normally miserable time interspersed with some happiness. The key is appreciating the happy times when they come, cause right around the corner is more shit to slap you in the face.

As we grow up, we gain responsibilities. School becomes more important, there's relationship issues, job issues, money problems. As we age further, what do we have to look forward to? Our parents becoming ill and eventually dying. Introduce me to someone who will not have a parent, relative or loved one can't! It's inevitable. Not a fun time..I can tell you from experience. Once we get past our parents and other relatives's our turn! Soon we become sick, unable to do the things we used to. Then we become a burden upon our kids. Such is life.

I know..there are happy occasions. Births, marriages, buying your first car, house, vacations..celebrations. Family holidays. They're all great, but they do not happen every day. Life is full of crap..and the happy times are just interspersed in between.

My wife thinks life should be fun always. I think most girls think that. They're brought up in the world of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Pretty Woman, and the Kardashians. Nobody worries about money, nobody gets sick and dies. There are no fights or arguments. They all live happily ever after. It's not real..but, girls think that's the way life should be. Realizing that Realty TV doesn't depict the real life drama of everyday life is downright depressing.

I don't believe that life is a bowl of cherries. Yea, I know..I've got issues too. But, I'm realistic..I may need medication myself..but, it is what it is.

Life sucks..then you die.

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