Cream With That?


I hit Starbucks last week. They must have a strict hiring policy: only good looking people can be barristers. On Monday, this tall, well built guy is taking my order. He seems reserved behind the register. Must be 6'2" and well built, but slim. He's got dark features and brown hair. Tats on his forearm, and he's very hot. I get up there, say my good mornings and order my coffee.

Tuesday, same guy, same scene...same hot guy.

Wednesday, I'm waiting in line, and a girl is behind the register. As I approach the front of the line, a guy walks in from the back and takes over at the register. This guy is 6'2", well built,, but slim. Same tats..same hot body..but, now he's blond.

"So, you went blond, huh" I say.
"Yea, they say they have more fun" he says.

We chuckle, and I order my coffee. This guy looks hot no matter what color his hair is. Wonder if the carpet match the drapes.

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