Punish Me


Why is it that women withhold physical attention as punishment to the men they're married to? Sex, hugging, kissing..piss one of them off and they cut you off. Or even worse than withholding sex..the silent treatment!

Sex as punishment must be something these women get from tampons, or from frilly dresses, or nail polish..like a passed down genetic disease. Because there's no guy I know that will go without sex from another guy just because their pissed. Sometimes, I suppose sex is hotter, better more intense because you're now pissed: "I'm gonna fuck the shit outta him!"

Now, the sex between my wife and I is long gone..so, I'm not talking about that. But, I pissed her off because I didn't get excited about some stupid thing she was excited about, or I didn't get as angry as she did when something happened, or I told her to stop wining and stop complaining to me (yea, that was the one)..

So, what's the response I get? I wake up in the morning and immediately notice the evil eye. I drive her to work, drop her off, in a nearly dead silent 5 minute ride in the car.

"Have a good day!" I say cheerily.
"Yup, you too" she says and slams closes the car door without a kiss.

Was I too cheery? Guess that will piss her off for another few days.

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