Scruffy Stare


When a 21 year old guy emails you..well, you respond, don't ya?

That's what happened one day. I was on Adam and this guy, who I've never seen online before emails me. Apparently he's in my area, parents went to Spain and he offered me a massage. But, not today, maybe tomorrow.  OK, no problem.

Then we get to talking, sending emails back and forth, sending pics. Then he says, that I've made him horny..let's do it today! On my way!

I hit his house, which was under construction. People everywhere, drop cloths all over, things out of place. But the place was defintiely nice, you could tell. He's 21, 5'8", 150 pounds. Nice shaved body and a little scruffy beard. All good so far...but he's staring at me.

"Stop staring!" I tell him with a chuckle as I push his head to the side.
"Well, you want the massage?" he asks
"Yea" I say, as we undo our clothes.

I lay down, and he rubs my back for a few minutes then goes down to my butt, and legs. After a few more minutes, I feel his breath on my neck..and after all this guy's no masseuse and this wasn't going to be about a massage. I roll over.

We kiss, and make out. He asks if I want him to suck me and I tell him I'd love that.

"Would you suck me?" he asks.
I shake my head no.
"Why? too small? he asks.
"No!" I respond. "You're not too small..don't ever think that. I just don't suck guys I don't know very well. It's just something I don't do. I don't like strange cock in my mouth" I tell him (and that's the truth).

With that he sucks me and we end up blowing our loads and cleaning up. As I'm getting dressed again, he has that stare.

"Stop!" I tell him again.
"You're very handsome" he says.
"Thanks, you too..very cute" I respond.

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