There was a guy on Grindr that I had chatted with a few times. Seemed like we got along real well, and everything matched up.  Then, we kinda lost touch and never actually was able to meet as planned.

But, I didn't give up and finally, I chatted him and asked when he would be around. He mentioned that he was around that day..and gave me directions to his apartment.

As I pulled up to his apartment, I saw him standing outside waiting for me. He invited me in and  we sat and talked on the couch - well, actually I sat on the couch, and his dog next to me. He sat nearby on a wheeled office chair. He placed his shoeless foot on the corner of the couch close to me.

As we talked, getting to know each other, I felt comfortable. He said he thought I was very cute, and I said the same. We talked about relationships, work, and usual stuff. Then I grabbed his foot, and ran my hand up underneath his jeans and felt his hairy calf. Then, he leaned forward as he was talking and I leaned forward too....and we kissed, and that was pretty nice.

I ended up shooing the dog away, and he ended up sitting on top of my lap facing me as we made out. Then he said it would probably be more comfortable in the bedroom, so we headed there.

I took off his shirt, and although he claimed he was a runner, I noticed he didn't have a runner's body..he had a little bit of a gut..and although he was slim, I was kinda disappointed.  Anyway, we continued to make out and touch each other..and then we jerked each other until we started kissing again and jerked ourselves off while making out.  Was nice..

Anyway, I haven't talked to him again. I don't know..sometimes you just don't feel it, right? I mean, I could probably call him and head there again..but, I'd rather not if the spark just isn't there.

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