Breath in the Air


I'm here. Yes, I've survived...and continue to. I'm not unlike a lot of people. I get down, some days - real down. But, I think a majority of people get that way sometimes. Yet, the sun does come up, and I am still breathing, fighting.

I often have wondered if I have some sort of clinical depression. But, I seem to think that in life, it's the natural ebb and flow of emotions. Most days, I'm not that down..and I'm hardly ever that up. I'm pretty even keel. But, pile a birthday, onto some family issue, onto a Ross incident, onto a bad day at work and I'm 6 feet from the edge.

Why do I write about it? Because..because I want everyone to know that being sad..being depressed is normal. That I know others out there feel the same way some days..but, we fight..we get passed it - it is possible to get over it. I appreciate all your thoughts and comments.

Today I move forward but, some days, I think maybe 6 feet ain't so far down.


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