GayDar at the Gym


I've seen this guy working out at the gym before. He's young (way too young for me) and last time I saw him there with this blond girl. He would go do a set, then come back to her and help her out. Then run and do his set again. He's short..probably around 5'5", but nicely built and very cute.  But, these two would also be kissing in between their sets...I mean..get a room!

So, I am watching him...cause he is very cute....but, I go through my workout, and leave. I've seen him since then, without the girl, and pretty much enjoy the view as he works out. We never said anything to teach other.  This morning, again he was there, and after my run, I went to pee and I passed him in the locker room - him going in when I was leaving.

Then I head to the free weight area. He's there, by the cables and I'm glancing between my sets..just checking out the scenery.  As I look, he's uh, scratching his balls..or adjusting his cock or something in his shorts. Again, not really anything, I keep lifting..working on my arms.

Again, I glance and he's adjusting again. I watch as he does another set, and he's got a great, nice small ass in those shorts. I finish my curls, and head to the water fountain, and into the bathroom. Again, he comes in as I leave. Back to the weights and his adjusting...

I don't know..I have this fantasy of someone hot like him, meeting him in the bathroom and jerking him off or sucking him and making out in the stall at the gym.  Who knows if his adjustments were some sort of sign or just a bad case of jock itch.

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