It's Good to be the King


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I love a massage..but it has to be hard and long (and yea, that could also apply to other things I like).  Do I like a happy ending?

Who wouldn't? But, it's not a necessity if the massage is top rate.

I posted an add for a massage. Was hoping I could find someone who wanted to touch another guy and may be good at it. I got some responses..mostly from guys I wouldn't want to touch me.  One was from a younger guy, 28, Indian descent, 5'7" and seemed to be into giving a massage.  When we traded pictures, I got a slew of ass pics, naked pics from I kinda figured he wasn't looking to give a massage, but have sex. So, I passed.

A few days later the guy emails me, asking me if I'm still looking for a massage.  I told him that it seemed like he was looking for more that just massaging me, so I figured we weren't a match. He insists that he's cool with massaging me, and he would provide a happy ending. we plan on meeting up.

I drive toward his apartment, which turned out to be quite a drive. I finally get there, and park and walk up to his building. He opens the door and greets me and I follow him to his bedroom, which is dark with lit candles..nice touch.  Now this guy, as I guessed, was not my all. Seemed nice..but, was a little heavier than I prefer. But, he's willing to give me a massage..

I undress and lay on his bed. He compliments me on my tan and presumes I work out. He grabs some lotion and rubs my back and has a pretty firm grip. He moves down to my ass, and rubs it quite well. Then down my legs and feet.

After a while, he returns to my back, and then concentrates on my waiting ass. He grabs more lotion (lots more) and slathers my ass and rubs..gently moving between my legs and between my butt. Soon he's reaching under my butt, and lightly caressing my balls and now, my hardening cock.

Eventually, he asks me to turn over and rubs my legs and thighs, again, caressing and brushing against my hard cock. Soon, he grabs more lotion and is jerking me off, as he's rubbing my balls. I shoot loads of cum over my chest.

I shower and get dressed and thank him for my massage. I'm told I'm welcome to return anytime.


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