Not So Professional


I end up making plans with the guy I spoke with yesterday on Grindr. He texts me and says he's at work in the city and to meet him at the train station at 4:00. I head there and see him get off the train..nice..all dressed..suit and tie. Looks slim..professional. He walks up to my open window..we shake hands. He asks if he can come into the car..and I say sure. He directs me to where he's parked, which is a few blocks from the station. "So, did you tell me to meet you here to avoid this walk, or were you really interested in hanging?" I say and laugh. He reaches across the seat and squeezes my package...I guess I got my answer.

I drop him off at his car..and he waves me to follow him. It's a warm day and the windows are open on both our cars. I stop behind him at a traffic light. His hand relaxing outside the window with..a lit, smoking.. cigarette in his fingers...."great" I'm thinking, "I'm gonna have to kiss that ashtray mouth".

We wind our way to his house and he invites me in. We head to his dark bedroom and we kick off our shoes and he his jacket and tie. I pull out his dress shirt and slide my hands under to feel his smooth chest and work my way to his nipples. He re-coils..."not the nipples" he pleads.."they're very sensitive." He pulls off his pants, shirt, underwear and I do the same. I lay down on his bed and he straddles my legs and sucks my hard cock. He looks up intermittently and asks if I'm enjoying it..."yes" i reply..trying to coax my inner, missing verbal skills.

He frequently forces his head down on my cock, making noises of choking..gagging on every thrust... He moves his body closer to my face, and I grab his uncut (!) cock into my mouth. He grabs the back of my head and forces me to take more..and I swat his hand. I continue to suck and he again grabs my head and I pull my head off his cock and tell him not to push me.."I don't like to be forced" I tell him. We change positions and he asks if I want to fuck him. He grabs a condom and I put it on. He gets on all fours and I enter him doggy style...he yells... "Damn man!" he says. "You're so fucking thick! Don't move..let me get used to this." "No problem...we didn't even get to the fucking hard part!" I tell him, reminding him that he wanted me to be aggressive..

We change positions and he gets on top of me..thinking that it will be more comfortable. He still is quite uncomfortable. Eventually, we're back doggy-style..and we're getting into it. I'm fucking him pretty hard (or trying to the best of my non-aggressive abilities)...and he's responding with his own butt motions back.

"Spit on my hole" he tells me.
"Spit on my hole.." he says again.

I'm cock's in am I gonna spit on his hole, with me in him I'd have to aim from my lips all the way to his ....and's kinda (not even kinda) gross...but....trying to be more aggressive I comply...getting a wad of spit streaming perfectly from my mouth to his hole with my cock in it..NICE SHOT! -- I'm thinking: now's a good time for someone to high-five me --- and we're fucking again.

"Spit again" he says a short while later.

Damn...this isn't like going where I want it to. What am I some fucking spit machine or a fucking and spit machine? Eventually, I pull out and blow my load over his gaping asshole as he cums on his comforter. My cum drips into and down his ass as he gets up to clean up. He brings me paper towels..and we clean up. There's your spit man..

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