Professional Courtesy


Some guy on Grindr chats me. Someone I haven't seen before. He's 5'11" 160 lbs white, single Italian guy. Age is yet to be determined (he doesn't list an age) but probably early 30's maybe 28 or 29. Definitely looks cute by his face pic.

Turns out he lives near my job and can host. We swap some pics and this guy's got a hot, smooth, lean body. Hot ass too. He likes my pics and sends me his phone number.  I call and we have a brief conversation. He's on vacation this week, can host at any time and we plan on meeting the next day. He apparently is also working in the same industry as me, which I found funny.  When I started asking where, what company and getting specific, he said "frankly, I don't feel comfortable telling a complete stranger everything about my job."  OK, I can understand that.

We hang up and he chats me..asks how I like "to bang."   Doggy-style tell him. "Nice" he says. "You like to bang hard? Cause if I'm gonna get fucked, I wanna get banged hard."

Well, maybe we're not a perfect match, but I can certainly try and be more aggressive....

Anyway, hoping to meet this guy tomorrow...will let you know.

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