'Ole Reliable


I receive a lot of emails as you can imagine. I love getting them, even though most of the time, I just don't have the time to respond. But I do read them.

The general theme of the emails is that people like the blog. That they feel a sense of relief that "they are not alone" and that someone else out there has the same feelings/issues/problems that they do. It makes writing my blog even more fulfilling for me.

I've got some what of a streak going too. Some guys have been reading my blog since the beginning and I recognize their screen names as "lifers" - those that were the first followers or readers of my blog. Some are new to it..and that's great too. What most people say about my blog? That no matter what the day, what the weather..no matter how much I may get bashed by some out there..that I'm always there for them...that every day, they get to take a peek into my life and read something. I've become 'ole reliable.

That makes me happy that people can check in on me every weekday, that some start their day with me, right next to the cup of coffee on their desk. Makes me want to continue this blog..day in and day out.

Thanks for the comments guys and the support you provide me..and like today and every day before it...I'll be here tomorrow...as they say:

"We'll leave the light on for ya."

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