Super Day


Some Monday's, like the song says, get me down. It's real hard getting up so early (5:30am) to start the gym again after the weekend. I don't mind work..actually..I happen to love going to the office and working..cause there's really no one looking over my now..when I'm writing for my blog. :)

Anyway, some weeks, things just don't click with other guys. Grindr, Manhunt, CL, all a bunch of losers/bullshitters, etc. This Monday, I start work, and log onto Grindr while I'm multitasking. I get a message from some guy who I have chatted with before, but as usual, it ended up with nothing. He's  29 years old (a great age I think for me), 6'1" (nice height), 165 lbs (excellent! lean!) He's got a face pic on Grindr (I obviously don't) and he's got a great smile and looks very hot.

We chat again and he says he's around tonight. Gives me his number and address. Tells me he's looking for a boyfriend, I tell him that I'm married but I'm open to a long term thing with a guy.   We plan on meeting..and taking it from there.

The guy seems very picky, and even admitted to being so. But, I guess so am I.  What I liked about him was a conversation we had..after he asked me over..he asked what kinda wine I drank. He planned on buying a bottle to "break the ice". I thought that was sweet. What I know about wine can fit into a thimble, and I'm not a drinker..but I'm willing to learn

I guess Monday's don't have to be so bad. Yea never know what a new week will bring.

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