Wine Tasting


I walk into Rich's apartment. It's a new place as I can smell the fresh paint walking up the stairs. I ring his doorbell and he answers the door in khaki shorts and an A&F T shirt.

As I sit, he hands me a glass of white wine, chilled. We sit and begin getting to know each other. We talk about his job - he's in the health-care industry, how he's up for a promotion soon. He's eager to start this new phase of his career and it sounds promising. In the background is the sound of the TV, playing, appropriately, Will and Grace. He has the episodes on CD and they continue to play, but without an audience, as we're engulfed in conversation.

The room is a living room/TV room/kitchen. Nice brown wood cabinets, stainless appliances, and a big leather sectional couch that we sit on.  More than occasionally, his little dog  jumps on me and begins licking me, as he tries to stop him from doing so.

He then asks me about my job, what I do, my hours, seems interested which is always a good sign. Nothing worse than being the "interviewer" and never being asked a question. He mentions that he may have use for my services and I make a joke that "he can't afford me". He laughs and suddenly, we've moved a few  steps closer..not physically, but mentally toward each other.  There begins the rapport of two friends talking...

We talk about my family, and his, and then he asks me about my experiences with guys and tells me about his.  We talk about things we like doing...and his sounds so much better than mine. He loves going to winery's, enjoys the outdoors "It's great. You go out to the wineries and sip some wine, sitting in fields, snaking on a blanket."  I see the soft side of him.

"You're cute." I say.
" too." he responds.

His dog jumps on me again, and sensing my minor uncomfortableness, he leans across me, and grabs his dog out of my lap. I grab his leg and give my thanks.

"Never had a dog growing up?" he asks.
"Nah, not a pet. Had a turtle once." I say. "I can barely tolerate humans, much less dogs." and he chuckles.

I lean in and give him a kiss. He responds...and grabs my bicep while kissing me back. Eventually, I'm stretched on his couch, and he's laying his head on my chest as we continue to talk and intermittently kiss (or kiss with intermittent talking).  He mentions that I'm making him hard and the evidence in his shorts supports that.

He invites me into his bedroom, and closes the door behind a yelping dog (apparently he's a very jealous dog). We take off our shirts and shorts and lay on his bed. We continue kissing then he sucks on my throbbing cock. I pull him up and suck on his cock as we're both apparently horny. As we continue making out, a brief mention is made that we shouldn't have sex on the first date, and I agree. We can always get there.

We kiss and jerk each other off and then clean up.

"We should have dinner next time." he says.
"Sure..I'm up for it. Just let me know." I tell him.

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