Bosom Buddies


I spoke to this guy on Grindr the other day. Pic is pretty nice.seems like a nice guy. 5'11", 180, lean to muscular. Some hair on his chest. He's looking for a regular buddy, likes the fact that I'm married and is willing to be my "go to guy" whenever I need it.

The next day, on my way to work, he chats me, asks where I am and what I'm doing. Next thing I know, I'm on my way there for a morning quickie. In his chats, he's mentioned that he loves his nipples played with..and that's cool with me. Also, he's totally into bottoming, but..he tells me "not on the first date". I'm cool with that. I like an old fashioned type of guy ;)

I get there, his apartment is small but nice, clean and decorated nicely. He's in his underwear, no shirt. Nice chest, a bit hairy, and a nice body.  We hug, kiss, and I slide my hand beneath his underwear to feel his nice, firm ass..and it really is firm and nice!

He guides me over to the bed, slides my pants and underwear down and gets on his knees and begins working on my cock, sucking away. I reach down with one hand and grab his chest, brushing his erect nipples..

Now these nipples were..lets say..big- like...not pencil eraser big..BIGGER - LONGER! It was OK..I remember Ross used to like his nipples played with, but, his were uh, normal sized. This guy was super-sized.

Well, he continues to suck and I continue to play with his nipples, tugging..rolling..and he takes my other hand and places it on his other nipple..apparently to encourage me to play with both at the same time. Good thing I'm ambidextrous!

I pull him up to me onto the bed, where we're now laying. He lays next to me and  we're jerking each other off..I'm playing with his ass...I'm rubbing those inch-sized nips...he's moaning...

He sees I'm close to cumming and says "shoot in my mouth" which I do. Then back to nips and jerking..and he unloads on his chest.

The guy's nice. I like the fact that although he was "tempted" that he said he didn't want to fuck on the first date. He's masculine...excellent body...professional..clean....

He's nice.. normal.. clean.. safe.. professional.. masculine.. but those nipples! I don't know that I'm like totally into these long sticks on his chest...

I guess I'll have to give it time. At least until a second date!

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