New Situ-Asian


I saw this profile on Grindr and the body was just amazing. I chat him and say hello. He seemed pretty close to me, so you never know. He responds that he's heading to a gym near me after leaving work early. We chat a little more and he sends me some nice pics.

"Why don't you come meet me at the gym? he asks.
"Well, I could, it really is just a few block from me. But, I did work out already today." I respond
"Well, at least I could check you out in the steam room." He says.

So, I jump in my car and meet him in the parking lot. We walk in, and he hands the girl at the desk his card and a guest pass for me. We head to the locker and he immediately gets undressed..getting ready for the shower.

"I thought we're working out?" I ask.
He laughs. "I thought you were just here for the steam room" as he gets dressed again.

It did give me a second to look at his body. He's Asian..and has a lean, very tight and toned body. You can see the definition in his abs, his arms and he has a small, in shape little butt too.

We head out to the gym floor and we kind of head out separate ways. I'm working a little on the machines, he's using the free weights and every so often we get together and talk. We match notes on working out and talk about our jobs. He's also a professional and has a great sounding job. Although he's working out at the gym near me, he lives about 20 minutes away..

After about 45 minutes of working out and talking, we do indeed head to the locker room again. He again undresses and so do I. Then we enter the steam room where we both sit down and again, talk, while we're obviously also checking each others bodies out.

I find out he lives with a boyfriend, who is also Asian.

"What would your boyfriend say if he knew you were here with me?" I ask.
"He'd say "Let's play!" he responds and laughs.
"Oh, so, you guys are looking for a third I guess."
"Yea, I defintiely think he'd be into you." he says.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, we both head to the showers to cool off, then to the sauna.  It also was empty on this quiet day.  I briefly brush his chest with my hand complimenting him on his taut tight chest. He does likewise, commenting on my body and amazing, dark tan. He leans in and gives me a great, light kiss and our tongues flicker in each others mouths. Soon, we're also grabbing each others cocks and I'm checking out and rubbing his hot little ass under his towel.

Again, it's getting hot, and we head to our mutual showers, which were located next to each other. As we're washing up to leave, he boldly pulls aside my shower curtain and enters my shower stall. I'm shocked and whisper "you can't do this!" as he rubs my body and kisses me. Again, I say "you can't do this!" as I grab his ass and kiss him back. But, his visit was brief and he returns to his stall.

We get dressed and exchange emails outside. Over the weekend, we also exchange a few emails back and forth.

Maybe this is the type of situ-Asian I could get used to.

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