Don't Cry for Me


Yes, I guess I have a past. But some of it is good.

This guy I met years ago..I can't remember exactly where..but it was probably MH, or CL..or some other stupid website with initials. Anyway, this guy was very, very hot. We hung out a few times..and had some great sex. We also really got along.  But I had issues with my relationship at the time..(Ross) and he had a girlfriend at some point which also was on the rocks. (Argentina: Muy Caliente).

A month or so ago, he emails me, just to say hi. He was thinking about me and he and his girl were again, on the rocks. Anyway, he disappeared until this week, when he writes me to say he's single.  I responded: "Single? Oh no you're not! Your mine!"

He laughed at that and hopefully we'll meet soon.

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