View from The Rear


Often, it seems that guys in my area are from out of town, staying at a fancy hotel in the area. They're typically flight attendants from the UK. I've often chatted with them on Grindr.

On this particular day, some guy chats me and says he's staying at this posh hotel..and he's from the UK. He sends me a slew of hot pics. His ass is just amazing.  He invites me over and tells me to just come up to his room - #602. I tell him I don't just walk into strangers rooms..cause you never know what you're walking into. Maybe it's someone else's room..maybe the guy is a freak. I'd rather chat on the phone or meet in the lobby first.

I arrive at the hotel and enter the lobby.  It's decorated beautifully and I tell him I'm waiting by the hotel store. He tells me he's just "waiting for the lift" and he'll meet me.  I watch as the elevator goes up to the 6th floor, stops, and starts it's way down to the lobby.  The door opens and ..out walks this guy. He's short..I mean, not fidget, midget short..but pretty short - and that's OK. But,. he's kinda "plastic" looking. His face at least. It's kind of hard to describe..anyway..we return to his floor and enter his room.

I walk around the room. It's got two queen sized beds with big white fluffy comforters. I look out the window and it overlooks the gardens and the pool. Nice that a job provides such comforts I tell him.  This is no "Hotel 6".

He lays down on the bed and I pull off my shirt. I tell him we have to be quick as I am expected back at work shortly. He pulls off his shirt, kneels next to me and kisses me. His thick tongue enters my chin, my lips..I this guy is all over my face. Gross!

He takes off his shorts and he's not wearing any underwear. He turns over to show me that hot little ass..yes, it was as billed. I take off my shorts, underwear and he sucks my cock until I'm hard.  He again turns over, and pulls out a condom and lube and I put on the condom while he lubes his ass.

I put my cock at his asshole and push gently. He groans and tells me "please be gentle."  I comply and soon I'm in his tight little ass. He tries to turn his head to kiss me but I nuzzle his neck trying to avoid the torture of the tongue again.

His ass is really very nice..very small, very tight..and while I'm looking down as I'm fucking him, I'm thinking "maybe I'll hang a little and do this ass twice."  Soon, I'm blowing my load in the condom and falling on top of him.

"Hot" he says.
"Yea..sorry I have to run." I reply.

I hit the bathroom and wash up. He gets dressed and thanks me again, telling me he's often in the area because of his airline.

I was really horny..and it's been a long time since I've fucked someone. Nice to get a room with a view.

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