Two and a Half Men (V)


It's quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. I started watching Two and a Half Men right when Charlie Sheen went off the deep end and they hired Ashton Kutcher to replace him. Then I started watching the re-runs with Charlie and they are hilarious.

CBS advertises the show as "A hedonistic jingle writer's free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt halt when his brother and 10-year-old nephew move into his beach-front house." But, this is a little misleading. Yes, the writer (originally Charlie) had his brother and 10 year old move in with him..but, abrupt halt? Jesus! It would have been incredible if Charlie's life was any more "free-wheeling". Often, he is seen fall down drunk, throwing up, hung-over and hardly ever without a beautiful babe naked by his side. Hey, this sounds a lot like Charlie Sheen's real life!

Then Ashton's "Walden" takes over Charlie's house after his untimely death  (Charlie died when a scorned lover pushed him in front of a moving subway car causing his body to explode) and the show has seen even higher ratings. It has often been implied and flaunted that Walden is, well, hung like a moose!

A recent episode shows Walden dancing he often is on the show. Now, Ashton Kutcher never did anything for me..but after watching him on Men I've certainly changed my mind. My admiration didn't go without some benefit (see the picture Ashton graciously took for this blog ;) ). Ashton is tall, lean, and really a very handsome Jesus reincarnate.  Soon he shaves and cuts his hair for a cleaner look.

But, if he's really hung like they say, nobody is really looking at all that hair anyway, are they?


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