Brush with Fame


I figured with a big game coming up and a slow week at work, it was a good day to hit the spa again. I really haven't been there in quite a while. I was also feeling a bit bloated (fat) and sweating off a few pounds always makes me feel better physically (and mentally).

It was very quiet that day. Just a few guys who, by the looks of them, weren't going to distract me in the least from a nice, quite sweat. I undress, weigh myself (ugh..196.3), shower and head to the steam room. Then to the jacuzzi where I ended up spending a majority of my time.

After a few hours, I was looking at the clock deciding when I was going to leave. In walks a very hot young guy. Maybe he was 30 at most. Very, very thin..lean. Nice body. I watched as he showered and did his own relaxing in a pool nearby, hoping he'd join me in my hot tub. But, alas, he never did.

Soon, an older guy walks in. He's nearly the George Clooney type of way. But he was a very young looking the Anderson Cooper type of way. He was least his face was..with a day or two of gray stubble showing. He was very lean, nice chest..with a light dusting of hair. His ass was incredible..and smooth. Seemed like he had a nice, cut cock too from my vantage point. He enters a pool across from me....again, going against my hopes.

Over the next hour or so, each of us moves around the spa..from the sauna to the steam room, to the jacuzzis..none of us quite getting close enough to make conversation and none were ever in or near one of my jacuzzis. Oh well, I thought..guess it wasn't meant to be. So, I head to the shower one last time for a quick scrub and shave. I apply the shaving cream to my arms and shave some of the stragglers that began to grow over the last week. I soap up, and wash off and return to the locker room. I weigh myself one last time (yes! 193!). I see in the mirror, Mr. Cooper-Clooney...getting some water before walking by me to the bathroom.

I get off the scale and soon enter the bathroom myself, walking to the urinal.  No Cooper-Clooney here...but a stall door is carefully ajar, with Mr. Cooper's cock in hand (Mr. Cooper!). He opens the door wide enough for me to see him, and nods at me. I check over my shoulder as I walk over, open the door and close it behind me.

Mr. Clooney drops to his knees and sucks me hard as he strokes his pretty large cock. Within a minute, Mr. C/C drops a load on the bathroom floor. I pull him up, grab his ass as he stands close to me. I stroke my cock as I squeeze his ass and run my lips along his shoulder to his neck. I explode in pleasure and make my own mess on the bathroom floor.

We grab a towel and wipe up the floor so as not to leave any disgusting evidence behind.  I walk out of the stall...never to see Mr. Cooper-Clooney again...until the next big blockbuster movie or CNN show.

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