Envious Rub


I got a gift certificate a while ago for a massage at one of those mall chain establishments. I never used it because, well, first, I heard not so good things about the quality of the massage plus, there obviously wouldn't be a happy ending involved.

Anyway, after a while, with the working out and the games I'm involved in, a massage is almost a necessity. I called Massage Envy and asked if I could make a same day appointment and if they had any male masseurs available. I got a positive response to both questions and I was on my way.

When I got there I was pleasantly surprised. The place was nice, clean and I was greeted by 3 young girls. I told them I was there for an 11 am appointment and one mentioned my name as if they were expecting me.  She shows me into a waiting room, which was dimly lit with calming music, mints tea and brochures where I filled out my pre-massage questionnaire.

  1. Name, age, email, address, phone number.
  2. Ever had a massage? yes
  3. Any injuries? no
  4. How often do you get massages? 1 a month
  5. Would you like to get them more often? of course..yes
  6. Are you covered by insurance for massages? don't know..leave blank
  7. Are you comfortable being massaged in the following places:
    1. head and face? no
    2. pectoral muscles? yes
    3. glutes? yes
    4. stomach and abs? yes
  8. You like your massage therapist to be: strong and firm with his massage

Absent were the questions I wanted to answer:
  1. Are you comfortable being massaged:
    1. butt
    2. ass crack
    3. hole
    4. cock
    5. balls
  2. Are you ok with a release at the end? yes
  3. You like your massage therapist to be: tall, thin, strong and hot! with a body and ass that I can touch
Anyway...I fill out the questionnaire and in comes my Asian therapist. Good shape..and seems nice. He shows me into my room, tells me to get "Disrobed" and under the covers on a heated cushioned table and he would return in a minute. I remove all my clothes (including underwear) and get on this very comfortable and warm table. He returns and begins with a short warm up and stretching. Then he lowers the covers and reveals just my back and begins a very strong and firm massage.

There was very little talking and chit chat which was fine by me..allows me to relax. After he finishes my back he returns the covers and uncovers my legs, careful to tuck the sheets between my legs so as not to expose my butt crack (but allowing my butt to be rubbed) or balls.  He does a great job...and I'm very relaxed.

When he's done with the back, he tells me to turn over and i thought he would lift the covers..but apparently, he was holding them..so close to my body so as not to reveal anything...I was like "now"? and he said "yes..now..turn."

Anyway, he did my neck real well..then my feet and legs. He was very professional..very thorough and very firm. Just like I like it..well..except for the professional part...

But, overall I was impressed with Massage Envy.


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