Missing Something


I often think that I missed out on living alone. I went from the cocoon of my parents house, to a dorm room to graduate school house living with roommates all along. I briefly moved back home prior to getting married and living in an apartment with my wife.

Did I miss out on something? I think I did. What about learning about yourself..about relying on yourself to eat, shop, cook, do laundry. Yea, I definitely know how to do all those things..I'm a very good cook..I can clean and do housework chores. But it's more than that I think.

When you live alone, there's that quiet time, alone time. Watching TV in your underwear, sleeping naked. Having dates and cooking breakfast in the morning. It seems odd, but I wonder why I would even miss that. My house is a daily rumbling of family, kids, friends, PlayStation, TV's computers and noisy daily family life. What ever happened to quiet enjoyment of an early Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in your boxers?

I don't regret having a family.. may just regret having done it so quickly and not learning more about myself..alone.


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