End to Begin


"Fuck me harder" he said passionately.

I complied..putting my hands on his hips I began withdrawing my cock almost to its full length and firmly reinserting it in his tight, tiny, hot butt.

"Damn, that's good..I'm almost there..don't stop" he begged.

Initially, I thought I wouldn't be able to cum. I just wasn't that horny to begin with, and was lucky enough to have a hot piece of ass earlier in the week. Then, as I continued my pace, I was overcome with that tingly feeling..

He was now moaning  and convulsing with obvious pleasure and I withdrew and tore off the condom. I blew my huge load on his back.

We cleaned up, I used his bathroom and said our goodbyes.

But, how did all this begin?


I had to make a trip towards the city for work. It was damn hot..nearly the hottest day of the season.  The windows in my office were coated with droplets of water, evidence of the disparity between the cool air conditioned room and the sticky, steamy summer sun and humidity.

I hit my car, and begin my drive. From the comfort of my comfortably air conditioned car, I can see people walking, most in shorts. Some even were brave enough to be running in this weather -definitely a health hazard. After some usual traffic snarl-ups, I hit my destination...a bank, located on a busy main street.  From my parking space to the door of the bank I dodged a few busy strangers walking to their destination without regard to cross pedestrian traffic.

As I wait inside the cool bank,  I'm greeted by the manager, assistant manager and some tellers. I know this bank well, and I'm always nicely received.  I also know this neighborhood.  It doesn't have quite "The Village" reputation of gay inhabitants, but I could almost guarantee, per capita, this neighborhood has as many homos as any outlying NYC village.

I finish my business and head to my car, which no doubt has heated up in the 15 minutes I spent inside. I turn on my car, then the A/C and sit while I read some emails. I then log onto Grindr.

Within 5 minutes I'm propositioned by 1 person..a 240 pound man in the area that wants to know if I want some fun..I pass. I begin my drive back to my office. At a light, I hear the familiar notification of Grindr and get a message from a South Asian, 33 year old man in the area...literally, blocks away.  I pull over, then as our short conversation proceeds, into a parking lot to sit to see if something will come of this banter.  We swap photos and he invites me over.  I tell him of my time constraints. He understands and tells me to come over anyway.

As I find parking I call him and he guides me to his apartment. He opens the door and he's quite a bit shorter than I expect, but he's a compact, slim and small framed guy as I will eventually find out. He leads me to his bedroom which, thankfully, is air conditioned. He unbuttons my dress pants, and lowers my Calvins. Kneeling down he sucks my cock hard and as we both get undressed he pulls me to the bed, where he sucks my cock some more, licks my balls and ass.  He compliments me on my body and cock.

"I can't wait to get fucked..." he says.


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