Too Hot


I met up with my Asian friend again at his gym. He emailed me that he was heading there and if I wanted to meet again. I was busy at work, but worked like hell to leave in time to meet him.

I got to the gym and checked in at the desk. No gym likes visitors without a membership and last time I had to go through the routine of meeting with a salesman after I worked out with my friend. Since that was a little more than a week ago, when I walked into the sale's guys office he recognized me. I told him I was there to meet with my friend and he let me slide..this time. Next time, either I get a membership or I have to pay to come to the gym. Since I already have a membership at another gym, I guess we'll have to figure out a different place to steam it up.

When I got to the locker room, Chris was already getting undressed. He knew I had little time and had to get back to work, so we headed straight to the steam room. We sat down and chit-chatted a little. He said how nice it was to see me again and asked about work. Then we touched legs and I ran my hand along his smooth, nearly flawless skin down his back until I reached his ass, which was covered by a towel and then I ran my hand along his visible ass crack.

"Oh, you like asses?" he asked.
"Yea, love 'em. You've got a great one." I said.

With that he stood up, took off his towel to wipe his sweating face. I ran my hand over his small, tight ass. He really did have a great one!

He sat down and uncovered his bulging cock and reached for mine. We jerked each other off for a little until we were interrupted by other members who came in to sit in the sauna. We both left and cooled off in a shower, only to return when the steam room was empty again.

Again, he reached for my hard cock and me for his. As as I stroked him he groaned softly..and that in itself was a turn-on. I continued to stroke him and he turned to kiss me. I gave him a soft kiss and started groaning I was getting real close to blowing my load.

As he continued to play with me, I grabbed a towel to catch my spewing gobs of cum. He was mesmerized, gave me another hot kiss and with both of us sweating profusely, we existed the steam room.

After a shower, we left and said our goodbyes outside.

"I nearly had a heart attack" I told him,
"Yea, that was very, very hot" he said.

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