Reunion Week Part 3


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Part 3
I stand up and unbutton my shirt and remove it and my white wife-beater. I unbutton my pants and remove them too. He removes his cargo shorts and reveals his tiny white underwear beneath.  I sit on top of him straddling his pelvis and rub his chest and grab with amazement at his huge biceps.

"Damn! You got big!" I say.
"Yea, I know. I'm ripped!" he responds and laughs.

He really is! Angelo's short..about 5'6" but he's a compact, tight little bottom. His body, including his ass is smooth as silk and his cock is thick, and adequate in size. His black hair is buzzed real short and sets off his deep green eyes.

"I always remember you being passionate" I say.
He grabs me closer and kisses me. Sucking on my tongue and lips. I work my way down to his underwear and take them off, revealing his hard cock which I take in my mouth.

"Suck that cock" he says softly with his Spanish accent. "Suck it good"
I continue sucking and he's moaning. He pulls me up and we kiss again. I grab his smooth ass and he grabs my hard cock and places it on his asshole.

"Don't worry" he says. "Just tease me with it..tease my asshole."
I'm turned on..and his asshole feels amazing on my cock. I want to put it in..fuck the condom...but we don't..we won't.

We continue playing and I again suck him and now can taste his pre-cum from his cock. He gets on top of me, again teasing his hole with my cock.  He grabs a condom and puts it on. I now place my cock on his asshole and push..and he closes his eyes and gives me a "mmmmm".

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