Reunion Week Part 4


I fucked up again..and some of you got to see a sneak preview of this post on Friday..but here it is again, in it's planned timeslot ;) 

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Part 4:
Angelo's on top of me now and my cock is buried deep inside him. He moves his hips..not quite raising them off my cock but doing a "bucking" as he rides my cock. Sweat is forming on his forehead, and above his lips.  I grab his ass as I'm moving inside him. I move my hands to his sweating back..and feel the dripping down the muscular crevice that divides left from right.

I feel my back sweating against the bed and my chest is also dripping as is my brow. I move my hands to his incredibly lean front..his chest, his ripped abs. Abs like I've always wanted but wasn't able to achieve. I pull him down close and he meets my lips once again. Our sweat mixes together and we are as close as we could ever inside him and our body juices mixing together as well. I move my lips to his ear and gently nibble on it as he hears my quickening breath and I hear his.

I slowly move him off me and turn him around not wanting to finish with him on top of me, but wanting to get the money shot of his waiting, smooth, hot, firm little ass. He puts his head down in the pillow as I enter him yet again and he moans..

"I lean to his ear "Are you OK?:" I whisper.
"Yea..I'm good." he says.

I move my hands beneath his chest and wrap my arms around him as I withdraw my cock part way and reenter him as he moans yet again. I won't last much longer in this hot body and my panting and grunting must give away the forthcoming orgasm.

"Cum on my back" he begs. "Cum on me..cum on my hole"

Damn..that's not helping me prolong my performance I'm thinking..and I give him a few more deep fucks and pull out and rip off the condom as I shoot rope after rope on his back, ass and asshole as I grind my balls on his dripping asshole.

Angelo blows his own load into the sheets and we collapse on the bed on top of each other. He turns and throws his legs over mine as I lay, trying to catch my breath.

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