Reunion Week Part 5


We chat briefly through our recovery from ecstasy. He tells me that he loves older guys..that while his gym buddy was incredibly hot, a body builder in fact, that he was a year younger and it wasn't to his liking. He marvels at how my relationship with  Ross started when he was just 18 and that I was more than twice his age.

He says it was nice that I invited him out for lunch, even though we didn't go.

"It made me think we weren't just meeting for sex. That was nice even though we were." he says.
"Well, I'm totally OK with meeting for lunch too" I said.

I jump in the tiny shower and rinse off before my appointment. Angelo jumps in next as we continue to talk. He wants to meet again..I tell him I've been looking for something regular since my breakup with Ross. He tells me to call him, or email him..that he wants to meet again, and I do too....but..I really am torn as to whether there's a real connection.

Angelo and I talk about guys..and girls. He wants to get married, have kids. He wants to have a family life. He doesn't know how he can reconcile that all with his attraction to guys. He assumes that if he finds someone he loves, that alone, along with the attraction of children will be enough to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I know differently.

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