Butterflies..it's the feeling in your stomach when you meet someone for the first time, or talk to them and you anticipate meeting. It's the feeling that things sound and look good..that there's some potential here..that maybe, just maybe something good can happen.

It's more than the lusty, horny anticipation of guaranteed sex. When foreplay isn't just when someone shakes your hand and shows you into their bedroom. It's when sex may happen..that the potential for sex is there..but at a later date..and the actual meeting is part of the foreplay.

I was on Grindr..and I get chatted by someone who was close by. He's 26 years old, 6'1", and  looking to chat and make friends. Hmm..his pic is very, very cute. Not smiling..but has these amazing lips..and I let him know. We get to chatting..he works very close to me and we exchange some pleasantries. He then says he's looking to make some friends and maybe we could catch a cup of coffee sometime.

"Well, now's as good as anytime, no?" I tell him.
"Yea..let's meet" he says.

And Off I go to Starbucks for a Grande Caramel Latte with someone who is very intriguing.

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