Flying Away


So, I did end up meeting that guy from Grindr that I was so excited to meet.

As I pulled up to Starbucks, he hits me up on Grindr and tells me to just meet him down the block, since neither of us were really interested in coffee. It would give us a good opportunity to chat.

It was a beautiful day out, and I didn't mind the two block walk from where I parked. As I got closer, an old man started walking with some packages besides me. He had some crazy grey hair, looked kinda disheveled. AS I got closer to the corner I could see someone walking toward me. I chuckled as I thought to myself that he was probably about to turn and run, thinking the old guy was the guy he was going to meet. Well the other old guy, anyway.

I crossed the street and immediately recognized Josh from his Grindr pic and he didn't disappoint. He was dressed for work, in a button down shirt and tie, black slacks and carrying his sport coat. We shook hands and looked into each others eyes.  What struck me immediately was that this guy was tall as me, but he was extremely thin..and to me, that's not a bad thing.

I suggested we sit at a bench that we were passing in a park. We talked about work, my family life, his travels and relationships in general. He seemed nervous...

"You've got great eyes" he tells me.
"Thanks, you too. You're very cute" I say. "And those lips are just as I imagined"

Whenever I attempted to get to the standard sex topics on Grindr, Josh was coy..almost avoiding answering. When you ask someone what you're into, usually they know its a sexual question.  The answer I got? "Stamps."  That topic didn't come up when we met face to face.

I noticed some small tattoos on his hand and neck and asked him what they were for. He mentioned he had a few more, and from the sounds of it, they're some big tattoos on his torso and leg. I guess once we get to seeing each others bodies, if that happens, I can judge for myself.

At the end of his work break, he says he needed to get back and we stood up and shook hands..and the hands definitely lingered more than a regular handshake.

"Well, let me know if you want to meet again" he says.
"OK. When would you like to know?" I laugh. "Because I want to meet again" I say.
"That's good" he laughs. I'm going away for a few days, but here's my number, be in touch."

I enter his number in my phone and tell him that my number is blocked and I don't usually give it out until I'm comfortable.  He's totally understanding.

Later that day, I log onto Grindr and he texts me that t was nice meeting. I again ask him..

"Besides stamps, what else do you get into? Like indoor stuff"
"Love reading."

"Jesus! You are boring!" I tell him jokingly.  "Anything you want to ask me?" I ask.
"Yea, how big?" he finally broaches the subject.
"I'm 6'1", same as you" I tell him..playing the "coy" game he started.

But, I give in: "I'm 7c, pretty thick. You?"
"I've never measured, but I'm cut and never had a complaint." he says.

I send him my telephone number.
" that your number I got?" he asks surprised.
"Yes..use it don't abuse it." I tell him with a laugh.


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