Cold Feet

Tuesday's my weekly nag to  vote for my blog. We've dropped off the top 10 list..and I'd like to be back on top (what can I say - I'm not a bottom boy). So, do me a here and gimme a 5!

I guess I should be used to it..guys I meet who seem interested but, for some reason are hard to "nail down:" so to speak. I met Josh a few days ago, we texted a few times after that, response.

What happened? Something I said? Eventually, I text him that a simple yes or no will do..that I'm not into game-playing.

"I didn't realize I was playing games" he writes back.
"Well, we met, you gave me your number, you said you were interested.." I explain. " kinda disappeared."

"Did I?" he says. "I never got anything from you." he explains.

I find that hard to believe..I really, that's why I figured it's game playing. So, I try and get him to commit.

"OK, then, my misunderstanding. So, when do you want to meet again?" I ask.
"Well..I have a problem with a few things.." he starts to explain.

I've heard the's some combination of "you're married" or "you're older" or "you have kids". But, all of a sudden..I'm upfront about all these things.

"Listen" I say before he could explain his "few things", "I just asked for a yes or no..I don't need your justification for not meeting. You played games because you said you were interested and for whatever reason, you're not. Thanks anyway."

Talk about wishy-washy!


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