A Leg Up


After a month or more of not hitting the spa, it was time. My back was starting to act up and I figured a few hours of soaking in some hot water would do it good.

I got there and it was nearly empty..quiet..which is sometimes a good thing.  I hit the showers then the steam room for 15 minutes. Then, made my way over to the jetted pools for some more R&R.  After another shower and a shave, again I hit the steam room. When I entered there were a few guys in there..one I had seen before..tall, moderately hairy..and probably could use to lose 10 pounds - if you wanted him to be normal - 20 if you wanted him to have a hot body (30 if you're like me and like 'em 'Auschwitz" thin). He sat there on his towel all exposed (which is the way I sit in a sauna). Also sitting in the steam room was another guy..also pretty tall..probably 6'1" - 6'2", nice face..cute eyes, nice lips..and he weighed maybe 165..just right!  He was long and lean..with great legs.  He was sitting with a towel across his lap covering his goodies. After a while he got up, cooled off in the showers and returned.

Then I took my turn to cool off, getting a drink of water and then returning to the steam room. As I entered, I noticed quick hands moving to cover themselves and hide whatever they were doing..obviously something that they shouldn't be doing. I sat back down and sweated some more...waiting for someone to make the first move. I guess, walking in with a wedding band on my hand, maybe they thought I wasn't open to play..so, after a little while of waiting, I took a towel, wiped my sweat off my brow, my chest and down to my cock..brushing against it. Then, I let my hand drape down between my legs to again, brush my cock.  I guess that's all it took..seeing that I was possibly open to playing..they both started touching themselves.  The hairy guy had a huge cut cock. The thin guy..looked uncut..but not objectionably so.

Soon someone else walked in and the heat getting the better of me, I walked out to return to the shower and then to the jacuzzi pools. I sat in the pool, relaxing with my legs spread out straight in front of me. Soon, both the playmates appeared, first the thin guy..who walked into the same pool as me..and crossed right in front of me - allowing my legs to brush up against his butt..legs and back.  The bubbling concealed my legs as he sat in front of me at a facing jet while I wrapped my legs around him..letting my feet stroke his legs, brush his hot ass. He reached around and touched my legs, then up between them to my cock which began getting hard. He started stroking me and continued brushing his body against my legs..allowing my legs to spread apart as he moved up and down them, as he stroked me.  I thought to myself incredulously: "I'm going to fuck this guy right here..right now..right in this jacuzzi.  How can I do that!? I can't do that here..in the open..without protection! But damn! I want to do it!"

Thank god it never got to that point..but it was very sensuous..very erotic. Soon, the hairy guy came in the jacuzzi..sitting next to thin guy. Thin guy began to stroke him too..and I maneuvered my way next to him..as he continued to stroke me as he stroked hairy dude and apparently, he was getting stroked by hairy dude. I was rubbing his legs, those long, nearly hairless legs - his chest, tweaking his nipples and touching his ass - lingering with my fingers around his hole. Soon, I was cumming in the jacuzzi as he jerked me off..and I can only imagine he did too at some point.

I felt kinda guilty blowing a load in the public jacuzzi although I'm sure it happens all the time there. I suppose..it being so quiet..that in a half hour the churning water would get sanitized by the chlorine and the filter..well..it was a big load, so maybe an hour or two ;)

Anyway, I headed to the showers, cleaned off and then grabbed a bit for lunch. Soon, thin guy appeared, also grabbing some food and talking on his phone. Later, I returned to the locker room, noticing hairy guy already leaving and then, the return of thin guy. Back to the steam room, then..deciding to relax some more..to a dark, quiet sleeping room.  There was one older, bigger, hairy guy in there. Then, thin guy comes in, and lays in the chair next to me. Soon..he's brushing his hand along my arm..grabbing my fingers and hand. Again..very erotic and sensual! Loooving it!

He reaches for my chest and down to my cock. The guy next to us is obviously hard..I guess enjoying the live show (although I objected - thin guy just said to ignore him - let him watch and jerk off). I reach for his cock and start stroking him as I place my other hand on his chest, rubbing his nipples. I also get to touch his amazing long legs. I'm not quite sure if he actually shaves them..because they weren't exactly smooth..felt more like stubble..or probably a little more than stubble. So maybe he's just lightly hairy on his legs - in any case..they were really nice ones!

I jerk him off on his chest..then wipe him clean with a towel. He reaches over and again grabs my chest..rubbing my nipples as I'm jerking off. I take his hand, rub it against my cheek then take a thin finger and place it in my mouth as I blow my load (#2!) on my chest. I wipe up and we both close our eyes for a much needed nap.


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