Before and After


My regular massage guy hasn't been around lately. Because of working out, some sports and sleeping on some rocks (while camping with the kids) I was in on and off uncomfortableness that on some days, bordered on outright pain.

I looked online and found the usual whores, infected guys and thieves who were posing as masseurs. Then I come across a picture of someone I haven't seen before. He claims he's 34, has a masters in physical therapy, can host, and has "low rates."  The picture he posts is of an incredibly ripped guy..big pecs, 8 pack, smooth, lean.  Really someone who should be a model, not a therapist. I email him and he emails me right back.

It turns out he lives about 40 minutes from me, so getting there isn't as easy as my regular guy. He's charging $80 for the massage..which I suppose is the going rate, but again, my guy massages me for $50. I find out there's no table...he will use his bed..which also isn't the normal set up.

I tell him I think I'll the price is out of my range for now. We negotiate and he accepts $60 for the hour. We plan on meeting a few days later and that morning I send a reminder email. He responds saying he's looking forward to it and asks if there is anything in particular that I want to happen during our session. Hmmm...

I'm thinking this is broaching the subject of sex and I respond that I'm really into the massage, that I want a good, long, hard massage and as far as any extras, that we can play it by ear. I'm thinking, I haven't met this guy, I've seen his hot body, but not a face and I don't want to commit myself to anything I wasn't comfortable in doing.

When I arrive, Kenneth opens the door and he's dressed in sweats and a T-shirt. Immediately, I'm a little disappointed..but, after all..I'm looking for some relaxation and it's the massage that counts. He shows me into his candle lit bedroom, with music playing and tells me to make myself comfortable and get ready for the massage. I undress, and lay down on the queen sized bed, covered in a very soft and comfortable blanket.  He asks me what I would prefer he wear and I tell him it's totally up to him..and he gets totally nude.

While I'm laying on my stomach, I can see from the side and in the mirrors that he's not the guy in the pic..or at least, that may have been the before picture. What's curious is what happened after? I mean, this guy knows I'm  coming over..aren't I going to wonder why he doesn't resemble the pic he provided anymore? It could have been him, in fact, it probably was him..but maybe 10 years ago. 

Anyway, he rubs my neck, my back..doing a pretty good job. Getting a massage from someone for the first time is a nervous thing..both for the masseur and the massessueee...uh..massagionist...uh..the guy laying down getting rubbed. Neither knows what to expect..neither knows how far to go..what lines can be crossed..what the other person is expecting.  He begins to rub my ass..his slick, creamy hands rubbing over my butt..then my upper thighs..barely caressing my balls when he reaches inside my thighs, almost lightly touching my hole as he rubs the inside of my ass cheeks. I'm not giving off the impression that he should move further, I keep my legs comfortably straight..not spreading them for easy access and apparently, he gets the hint, but does a thorough and good job.

He grabs my legs and bends them up to do my calves and my feet which feels great.  Then he tells me to turn over. I turn over, grab some water to drink and he begins my front. I'm not hard..but, I am lightly aroused. Kenneth grabs some more lotion, rubs my neck, my chest, and my arms. He lightly brushes my cock as he continues to the front of my legs. As his hands rub me he touches my balls..and it's not long till I'm hard as a rock.
He grabs some additional lotion and smooths it all over my cock. The cold lotion on my  hard cock makes me even more aroused. Massages make me horny as it is, and it's not long until I'm tensed up, and he's lowering his head to place my awaiting cock in his mouth...but, I hold his head away..not wanting to go there.  He continues stroking me and I'm soon blowing streams all over my chest, up to my collar bone and nipples and and it floods my navel and pubes. I'm fully relieved and relaxed.

He wipes me up and I take a shower. After, as I'm getting dressed, he tells me how he didn't mean anything by the "anything in particular" question he asked. He just wanted to know if I wanted him to concentrate on my legs, neck, etc. He also said he'd be willing to negotiate further on his price next time.

I doubt that's what he meant..but..he's pretty good at what he does..and I'll probably return. Even though I got the after version..and was hoping for the before.

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