Boot Camp


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On Grindr, I see a profile that looked intriguing: the pic is of a dark haired handsome man. He's listed as 32 years old, 5'7" and 144lbs. What really gets me interested is that it says he's a professional, educated man and looking for a date. Also says he's a bottom. Sounds like a perfect match, huh?

We begin chatting..but then, I see in his profile that he has "many interests and fetishes." I ask him about his interests.

"I like leather, uniforms, tall riding boots, gloves, feet and sneakers." he says.
" this sex or a steeple chase?" I ask.  "Sorry, don't think we're a match."
"Well, it's my fetish, not yours." he responds.
"I understand..but..we date, we like each other..soon, you need to get what you want. I'm not into it..not willing." I explain.
"Doesn't have to be that way." he says.

I don't know..seems like even the normal one's are abnormal.

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