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Hey..I care about the environment! I don't toss garbage out my car window (most of the time) and recycle plastics, newspapers, cans at home.

After a trip to the city, I got in my car and headed back toward my office.  Logged onto Grindr and immediately get a few messages.  It's great when you travel out of your home area - there are new guys, new people to chat with...But on this day, I had little time..so if it was going to work, it had to be a quickie.

One message was from a Latin guy. Pic looked good and he sent me a message saying he was a "lean, smooth bottom dude." He then gave me two very convincing pics.

"Only have a few minutes" I told him.
"Come over for a quick fuck" he said.
"Ddf?" I ask (drug and disease free)
"Yes." He says.

He gives me his address and I find it quickly. I park and head to his house. Yea, I've been to this neighborhood before..even recognize the street a little...but..was it a guy I met before? hmm..

He opens the door and smiles, welcomes me into his house and mentions how we met before.

"We did?" I ask.
"Yea, a while ago" he says.

When I walk into his bedroom, it all comes back to me. We did meet (Latin Heat) and it wasn't a bad experience. His room was still a mess, but he seemed normal, nice.

"Ah" I say "I remember now. You gave me a massage"
"We didn't fuck?" he asks.
"No..we didn't" I say as we quickly take off our clothes.

He lays on the bed face down butt in the air. I lay on top of him and rub my cock against his butt and I'm slowly starting to get hard.

"You want to fuck? he asks.
"Yea" I tell him.

I grab a condom off his dresser and roll it on my cock. He grabs some poppers for himself and I also grab the lube and lube up my cock.  He flips to his back and puts his legs on my shoulders as I attempt to enter a very hot, tight ass.

After a few seconds of pushing..I'm in..yet not all the way in. I take my cock out and put some more lube on my cock and try again.  With little success in that position he gets up and turns over, ass at the edge of the bed, and me standing fucking his hot hole.   I finally get all the way in and get a few strokes in until I pop out again.

He turns over and grabs my cock..and takes off the condom.

"Lets try again" he says. "I want to get fucked by you but I'm real tight."
"Sure" I say and he turns to get another condom.

He opens his drawer. No condom. He goes to his dresser..no condom. Under his pile of clothes..on his desk..other night stand...nothing.

"Fuck!" he says. "I have one I know. Let me check with my roommate."
He runs down the hallway and returns quickly.
"He's asleep. Can't wake him. How about I run down the block and come back in two minutes."
I laugh. "It's only going to take me two minutes to cum."
"Well, how about we re-use that condom I took off" he suggests.

He grabs the condom and lubes it up and stretches it over my awaiting cock. I know it's not broken because there's air in the tip..so we're OK and I squeeze the air out, lube it up real good and he gets on the bed again on his back with legs on my shoulder.

I get my cock in pretty quickly this time and we're kissing and fucking. In a few minutes (I know my cock, don't I?) I'm again ripping off the condom off and blowing my load on his chest as he strokes himself off.

"Anytime you want to come back again, let me know" he says as we clean up and I make my way out the door.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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