The Weight is Over


Finally! I think I've found the secret to losing weight (sounds like one of those emails you get that somehow avoids the spam filter)..but it's true!

You all are probably well aware of my obsession with my weight (as well as the weight of others). Admittedly I'm sorry to say that I am prejudice towards fat people.  While far from "fat", for years, I've been unable to lose the couple pounds that I've wanted. Well those days are over!

When I was in college I weighed a skinny 180. Back then, I could eat everything (and I did!). Ice cream, cakes, beer, cookies..bags at a time. In the following years, I gained weight slowly. As I got older - my 30's, my 40's..I noticed my metabolism slowed quite a bit. I could no longer eat what I wanted whenever I wanted and in any quantity. In my late 30's I started working out..and saw results. Then..the results stopped. My eating habits started to change..eating more healthy and eliminating some of the good stuff. But, change in my weight. I was stuck at 195, 196 pounds. It was frustrating. I noticed my weigh, even though I was very active and worked out and ate healthy..was fluctuating anywhere from 195 to 198 on a weekly basis.

Then I found an app! (Yes, there's an app for that!)  I'm sure there are many apps available to count calories. I started using it on my smart phone..and lugged everything in. It keeps track of everything you eat..and all your exercises. You input a goal, and you know..meal by meal whether you're going to exceed you allotted calorie intake or not. It keeps me on track for the whole day.

So, if you pass by the kitchen and grab a few cookies..bam! that's 213 calories! I cut out all that extraneous eating and snaking and even changed some habits for the better! Lunch meat is the worst! So I changed it to grilled chicken which I make on the weekends and make my own healthy, great sandwiches all week long! At dinner, I sit down, start inputting and it forces me to make the better choices. Pass on the pasta..extra helping of green beans!

It also pushes me to be more active (yea - even more than the 6 days a week at the gym). So if I want that cookie...I head outside and shoot some baskets with the kids! Take that calories! the past 5 weeks...I've gone from a high of 198 to around 190...and soon..I'll be under! 8 fucking pounds from a guy who couldn't lose weight no matter what I did!

If you have problems losing don't realize what your eating. Check out an app on your smartphone and start counting your way to THIN!

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