Helping Hand


After a long time, my regular massage guy became available again. I booked some time and headed on my way.

This guys hot..nice body, shorter, and is really good at the professional massage - but always, way too professional about it.  He knows I'd be into more and he always rebuffs my advances (how dare he!).

I get there, get undressed and lay on his table. He grabs some lotion and begins my rub down, beginning with my back, then ass, legs, etc. Then I flip over, and he works the front of my legs, then my feet. All the while, little BLM is laying there..unaroused. I'm like thinking "wake up - get a little chubby or something!"  Anyway, he moves around to my side, grabs some lotion and grabs my junk, which immediately sprang to life. I reach under his shorts to feel his ass, then under his shirt..I attempt to unbuckle his pants, and he pushed me away.  "Awww" I tell him and I return to his supple, smooth ass.

Eventually, he's stroking me real good and I blow gobs of cum all over..and his hand is covered in cum and well as my pubes.

"Damn" he says "you've been saving that up for three weeks or something?"

Thanks for the hand, I'm thinking.

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